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33 Upper English Street Armagh

Construction Cost £300k
Address 33 Upper English Street Armagh
Architect BMA Architects


This renovation will  focus on the immediate maintenance issues affecting the building namely the ingress of water from the roof and the front façade. With the façade detailing being refurbished to incorporate conservation principles such as use of lime mortar in lieu of the sand cement strap mortar joints




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Built around 1813, the building appears to have had a myriad of uses/occupancies including a confectionary shop on the ‘upper ground floor’ opening onto Upper English Street.

The owner being ‘Mr William Bright’ depicted in the Valuation records entry Numbers 16 &17 as two distinct properties (now unified and known as No.33). The upper floors were being used as a private dwelling with a secondary use to the rear relating to the County Club. The club has occupied the same premises since its foundation in 1869. Mr. John G. Winder, J.P. took the initiative in effecting an organization, and succeeded in securing a membership of 126. The Armagh County Club has always being a private members’ club. During the Second World War the building was use by the government as an officers’ mess for troops who were stationed in the city.

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